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Succeed with Digital Technology

A Program For Technology Executives

Helping technology executives to achieve business success, deliver high value innovation and provide inspirational leadership

Achieve Business Success

Your business needs to consistently satisfy customer demands and deliver excellence in everything it does. It’s a big challenge in the competitive and dynamic technology industry. Deliver a strategy for your business that drives growth and embeds a high performance culture focused on the customer.

Deliver value through innovation

Your organization is under constant pressure to quickly deliver more value and better outcomes at lower cost. You are pushed to improve productivity through better use of the latest technologies and new ways of working. Make your organization thrive by adopting industry best practices. Develop technology capabilities that deliver continuous value.

Inspire with Authentic Leadership

Great leadership drives great outcomes. But competing pressures and constraints may make it a challenge to be the leader you need to be. Develop your leadership skills and inspire your teams to achieve their potential. Lead with success across cultures and countries. Lead well in crisis and conflict.

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About Me

I have over 30 years’ experience leading international technology businesses and delivering transformation projects around the world. I am here to help you make digital technology work for your business, your customers and your stakeholders. Through decades of experience delivering mission critical programs and growing product and consulting businesses, I have developed an agile methodology to help people succeed that is focused on outcomes, customer success and people development.

I understand the challenges that technology executives face to achieve more – revenue, productivity and value – to meet the increasing demands of customers and stakeholders. I have seen and felt the negative impacts of these pressures on individuals and teams, having worked in various industries, countries, and cultures. I have witnessed the pain and impact of missed targets, unfulfilled potential and the damage to professional and personal relationships. It’s why I’m on a mission to make technology work by equipping leaders, executives and managers with the knowledge and skills to navigate their challenges and achieve their goals.

If you’re facing uncertainty or stress about how to meet your goals then let’s talk. Together we can explore how I could help you unlock the potential of technology for your business, your customers and your stakeholders. By working together with a shared commitment to excellence, we will drive remarkable progress and establish enduring outcomes. Trust in my experience and let’s begin this empowering and transformative adventure together.


“It was an absolute pleasure to work with him. He was able to understand customer pain areas and provided innovative solutions. He always keeps the customer first in whatever he does.”
Reema Jain

Chief Information & Digital Officer, Hero MotoCorp

“He is very accessible to his customers and has the ability to connect very effectively with clients at all levels. He is very experienced in building and executing strategy with a safe hand. His eye for detailing and ability to find the best solution to the complex solution and ever pleasing personality. Makes his a true partner for any customer. His is delight to work and associated with.”
Shailesh Sultania

Global Director – Business Applications & CoE  Global Strategy IT Lead, DSV

“He quickly got a good grasp of the charity, asking great questions and providing wise advice. He is a very good listener and seeks to probe and gain understanding before making recommendations. He is collaborative and kind – a great team player and I am delighted to endorse

Roger Mawle

Chief Digital Officer (CDO)Chief Digital Officer (CDO) , Alpha International

“I have found the sessions to be very helpful in moving forward with the changes I need to make. At times it has been very challenging and we have covered areas I am not comfortable with. But it has been really valuable and Bob has helped me develop my understanding and clarity. “

CEO, UK Charity

“I felt that Bob and I hit it off from the first time we spoke and it was easy to be open and honest with him. Bob dealt with the emotional me, very well and we quickly got to the heart of some of the challenges I face, both real and perceived. A few key actions were discussed and that I have implemented in the past 2 weeks. Some have worked, others have not, but my perspective is changing for the better already. “

CEO, UK Academy providing skills development, training and conferencing facilities.

Succeed with Digital Technology

A Program For Technology Executives

Helping technology executives to achieve business success, deliver high value innovation and provide inspirational leadership.